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A dónde ir en busca de atención médica

A new freestanding emergency room just popped up around the corner. There's a walk-in retail clinic and an urgent care center right by your supermarket. ​​​​​​​También hay dos hospitales cerca. It can be hard to know where to go for care when you have a stomachache, a fever, or even an emergency like heart palpitations with all these options.

The infographic below can help you decide your best course of action, depending on the nature of your medical situation.

You can also use this downloadable PDF and fill out you local health care contacts and know where your nearest health care resources are when you need them. If you need help finding a provider, you can search Provider Finder.

Salud virtual de TRS

Salud virtual de TRS

Board-certified doctors through Teladoc® and RediMD™ can diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions. Help is available 24/7 for conditions like:

  • Alergias
  • Asma
  • Presión arterial
  • Cold/Flu/Fever


TRS Primary Care Provider

Schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) for:

  • Annual health exams (no cost)
  • Minor injuries/illness
  • Routine screenings (no cost)

If your situation requires further attention, your PCP can help you find a specialist.

Clínica en locales comerciales

TRS Retail Clinic

These clinics are found in stores and pharmacies and are low cost options for minor, nonemergency health issues.

Visit a retail clinic for things like:

  • Cold/Flu/Fever
  • Migraines
  • Dolor de garganta

When You’re in Need of Urgent Care

Centro de atención de urgencias

TRS Urgent Care Center

Visit an urgent care center when it's not an emergency, but you still need immediate attention. They're convenient and more affordable than hospital Emergency Rooms (ERs) with evening, weekend, and holiday hours for things like:

  • Cuts that require stitches
  • Quemaduras menores
  • Sprains

Sala de emergencias

TRS Emergency Room

Use the ER if you think your life is in danger. Symptoms may include:

  • Dolor en el pecho
  • Ataque cardíaco
  • Sangrado intenso
  • Derrame cerebral
  • Dolor repentino o severo
  • Dificultad respiratoria


TRS 911

For emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest ER.

Labs, Imaging and Surgical Centers

When you use in-network independent labs, imaging, and surgical centers, you can get the same quality care you'd get in hospitals for a lot less. Be sure and talk with your doctor about alternatives for your procedures outside of the hospital. Make sure to never get out-of-network care.

Independent Laboratories

TRS Independent Laboratories

Choose an in-network independent lab for routine lab work and comprehensive blood panels.

Independent Imaging Centers

TRS Imaging Clinics

Choose an in-network independent high-tech imaging center for X-rays, CT scans and MRIs.


TRS Surgical Centers

If you need surgery, surgical centers offer the same quality care as hospitals at a lower price. Talk with your doctor about surgical center options.

If you'd like to save or print these inforgraphics, download this flier and always know where to go!